Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy Weekend !

It has been about 1 year since I have put up a Happy Weekend post...I honestly forgot I did these until I looked at my cousin's blog tonight and her post was entitled Happy Weekend! (Thanks, cousin for your post that brought this to my mind again!) In this year, I carried my 3rd pregnancy and delivered a 3rd beautiful baby girl. In this year, I home schooled my older two beautiful daughters. In this year, so much GROWTH and LOVE and BLESSINGS came our way and I am so thankful for it ALL!

After looking back on my Happy Weekend Posts, I decided to start back up again.  The quotes or Bible verses or thoughts in the posts were a blessing to me again tonight as I re-read a year from now, I want to be able to look back and glean from the truth God is showing me in August 2012, which is why I am posting my Happy Weekend Post today ; )

I haven't any "cool" or fancy photos to post.  Instead, I have a picture of my 3 beautiful gifts from God!  I cherish these girls!  Each of them in their OWN UNIQUE way hold my Heart.  I am Blessed to be their Mom and to spend so much time with them.

So, THIS weekend, Prayer is on my mind.  With a new baby, new schedules, Matt's growing business, and a new school year approaching, we have had so much planning and preparing to do.  And in all of this, I was reminded of these words of Truth:

And this is what we have been striving to God's direction and plan by taking time to pray because these 3 pretty little faces are counting on us to show them THE WAY. 

Dear Friends, I hope that this weekend you grab a few moments of quiet reflection through prayer to our Mighty God.  Time spent in prayer is never wasted....time in prayer is a guaranteed return on your investment for sure!! 

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