Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Molly at 3 Months Old

Molly was smiling at her sisters.  She truly adores them and is alert and focused on them whenever she hears them.

Molly and her Lamby!

 Molly Grace at 3 months old:

Sleeps well...about a 6 or 7 hour chunk at night for me, then goes back down for another 3 or 4 hour chunk.
Rolls from her tummy to her back very easily.  And does this both to the right and left.
Enjoys being read a book during tummy time since she can hold her head up strongly.
Has adorable chunky legs.
Makes lots of Bubbles.
Talks and talks!!!  She is a Social Bug for sure!
Mimics the sounds we make to her...well, she tries to ; )
Has had a few Laughs and giggles.  We are waiting for her to get a bit older and do this MORE!!
LOVES her Piano activity playmat.
Bats at toys above her head.
Brings her hands to the center together and will try and get her whole fist in her mouth at times.
Starting to hold on to toys and my shirt and such.
A very Happy Baby
Nursing like a champ.

Molly is a sweet girl who loves to talk and explore!  We can't wait to watch her continue to grow and learn new things! 

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