Saturday, July 28, 2012

10 Years

2 Dozen Beautiful Roses arrived at our door this morning from my loving husband!  From the day I met him, he has Always known how to make me feel loved, appreciated, and special! Thanks, babe!!

I couldn't agree more with his heart feels the same way towards him! We are blessed to have each other.  

A few shots from our Wedding Album.  I just took a picture of the pictures in the album ; ) This was us 10 years ago today!!!  We look so young!  Our wedding day was AWESOME.  We shared it with 240 friends and family and had a blast celebrating at our reception.  Thanks, Mom and Dad for the wedding and reception....a day we will always remember and such a perfect way to start our Marriage!!

10 years!!!!  So much has happened in these 10 years....changes galore, both good and bad, (by far, mostly good!) but the best part and most important part is that we have experienced it all TOGETHER and that whether easy or hard, our love for each other has become STRONGER and TRUER! I can't wait to see what else God has in store for us as we seek to keep Him first and each other second.

Here we are celebrating our 10 years....dinner, a nice walk in the park, then icecream!  Life is great. Our God is Good and we are Thankful for His love and blessings on us!

I love you, Matt and can't wait to celebrate 50 MORE ; ) Let's be the Last ones on the Dance Floor ; )

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