Saturday, June 02, 2012

Some of our Art Samples

A few of my Favorite Art pieces from 2 of my favorite girls! These pictures are hung up around our house and you couldn't pay me to hang a different painting or artist up to decorate my house!!

The first picture above is by Michaela and I love it.  This one spoke right to my heart...isn't it great how a little one can do that!!  I love the message and how she is picking up on the Truth that no matter what life brings, our God will give us true Peace, even in a storm, as we seek Him.Thanks, Michaela for this reminder!  I love you!

A picture Madelin drew for me...just because!!  I love you too!!!  

Madelin's first Self-portrait that she drew...done at 3 years old!  I love it! Oh, and the magnet on the left is a Candle that MJ painted with Mom for Christmas decorations...well, Madelin insists we keep it out all year, because she thinks it looks more like a Hammer ; ) I love you, Madelin and the way you see life!!!

Madelin's picture of her and her sister!  And below, is Michaela's picture of her and Madelin!! 

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Aunt Mary Ann, said...

Just loving happy children so much!