Sunday, April 22, 2012

Introducing Our Sweet MOLLY GRACE

Here is a picture of our SWEET MOLLY GRACE on her 2nd day!  She arrived 3 weeks early and we are OVER the MOON in Love with her!!  We will be posting WAY more pictures of her shortly!  Until then, know that we are all HAPPY, HEALTHY, and LOVING this sweet baby girl!!

(I plan to blog like crazy after Saturday...this is recital Dance every night...with a 6 week old ; ) Fun times all around for our 3 beautiful daughters...many posts to come!!)


love from Vermont, said...

Baby Molly is beautiful and we are so happy for all of you. Looking forward to seeing many more photos and welcoming you back to blogging.

Love, Aunt Mary Ann

Rebecca Leger said...

A very big congratulations to you on the newest addition to your beautiful family. Molly is so sweet and precious!!! We can't wait to see many more pictures.