Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Madelin's Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese

Madelin's Birthday was on a Tuesday which is when her dance class is!  She was THRILLED to wear her Birthday girl ribbon to class and bring in goodie bags for her Dance friends!!

After Dance class, we went home and had cake to celebrate our Madelin turning 4!!!

Below are pictures of Madelin's Birthday party at Chuck E Cheese!  She had a BLAST with her friends!  

Beautiful cupcakes for Madelin made by our friend, Karrie! 

The best part of having your party at Chuck E Cheese is the TICKET BOOTH.  Madelin was looking forward to this for a while!  You go in this glass booth and there are a TON of tickets blowing around....whatever you catch you get to keep!  The birthday girl gets to bring in 1 special person with her....Madelin chose Michaela ; ) She is very sweet and so LOVES her Big Sister! 

All in all, Madelin had a FUN FILLED Birthday celebration! Madelin, we love you more than you will ever know!!

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