Saturday, December 10, 2011

Madelin's 3rd Birthday Party

These are ALL shots from Madelin's 3rd Birthday Party!  We had the party at our was a Growing Garden party!!  Madelin, as usual, was all smiles with her friends and family around!!

The kids had some time to play in the playroom upstairs for a bit!  Our 2 girls LOVED showing off their toys and such!

Cousin Corey and Madelin!

At the party, the kids planted GRASS seed to take home and watch grow!  We used Egg shells as the "pot." These would grow grass in time for all the kids to have Easter grass growing from their Egg!  It was the perfect project for our party and the kids really enjoyed making them!!

This white butterfly somehow flew inside and landed on Mom! 

Daddy helping Madelin with her candles!!  Madelin LOVED LOVED LOVED this cake!  She thought it was SO beautiful and felt so special that our friend, Karrie, made it for her!!!

Thanks, Matt for making this sign for Madelin!  You are an awesome Daddy!! 

Madelin was so thankful for all the gifts she was given!!  I love seeing her LIGHT up!  She really puts a lot of passion in her emotions!!  

Aunt Donna and Michaela looking at Madelin's new Ballerina Book!

Our SWEET, SWEET 3 year old Madelin!!  You are truly a treasure to our family!  Your caring and sensitive spirit is so apparent and contagious to all around you!  You are FULL of Passion and wake up every morning with a smile and ready to go!!  We love you so much and can't believe you are 3 already!!! 

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