Saturday, December 10, 2011

Classical Conversations' School Christmas Program

We all had a lovely time this morning at Michaela's school Christmas program.  While I am homeschooling her, we are apart of a school group called Classical Conversations.  Michaela goes to CC every Monday from 9-1:30.  CC meets at a local church which is only 5 minutes from us!  We love Classical Conversations!  Michaela has learned SO MUCH and we truly appreciate the classical approach to education! Throughout the rest of the week, we do our A Beka curriculum and review the extra CC stuff. CC is like an extra academic boost for us to incorporate! CC also allows MJ to interact with other kids and make friendships! We have met some AWESOME friends at CC!  Madelin is too young for this program, but will start in the Fall!

In the first picture, the kids are singing John 1:1-7.  They worked on memorizing this passage of Scripture and can sing it and say it.  In the weeks to come, the kids will translate this into Latin and memorize it in Latin.  Latin is incorporated into the classical approach and they learn Latin words every week. 

Along with Latin, History is a major element in CC.  The kids memorize a History statement every week.  CC is doing American History this year, so the first statement was on Columbus in 1492.  So far, we are up to Lee's surrender to Grant at Appomattox in 1865.  In the picture above, Emma, Michaela, Latitia, and Emma are reciting a History statement about the Declaration of Independence.  Michaela also recited one on George Washington being our 1st President in 1789 and another one on Henry Clay and the Missouri Compromise in 1820.  Michaela did a great job and has an easy time memorizing!

Music is another big element in CC. The kids learned how to read music and MANY, many musical terms.  They also learned how to play the Tin Whistle.  Michaela picked this up with a BREEZE and we can't wait to start Piano lessons for her!  She played "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and the Christmas song, "We Three Kings" at the program!

Around the room, some of the kids work was displayed for parents and family to see.  This year at CC, the Science element is Anatomy.  The kids colored, cut out, and glued on the life size models, the organs and many body parts! 

Back in the beginning of the year, in Art they were exploring the five basic shapes/lines to used to draw anything...O.i.L.S (standing for a circle, straight line, a dot, an angle, and a curved line.) They then chose a picture to draw to master simply drawing animals and such.  Michaela loved doing this.

And lastly, here is a picture of Mommom and Pappy with Michaela and Madelin at the end of the program!  Mom and Dad, thanks for coming out!  We all are so thankful for how you both are proud and loving grandparents!! 

We had a lovely time and were SO PROUD of Michaela!  She truly is a smart and sharp little girl!!!

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