Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Reason for the Lack of Posts.....

And this adorable Baby # 3 sitting comfy while sucking his/her fingers is my reason for the lack of posts!!!  Yes, that is right!!  We are expecting and so THRILLED!  Today is the first day in 11.5 weeks (how far along I am as of today) that I have not been swamped with fatigue and nausea!  It has been tough doing all that needs to be done while dealing with that, but we seem to have gotten through it and are SO excited to be blessed with BABY # 3!!!!!!!

Matt and I melted when we saw this ultrasound!!  What JOY it is to see your tiny, tiny, fully formed miracle inside you!!  The baby was moving all around, stretching his/her legs, and sucking his/her fingers!!!  We were awe struck by God's Creation!  I am due the beginning of May...May 11th to be exact. 

I hope to catch up on the Blog...but for now this is a GREAT catch up...to let all know that we are so excited to announce Baby # 3!!!  Life is good, and it is filled with love, fun, and blessings!  We are so THANKFUL for all God gives!!


Rebecca Leger said...


Life is triple the fun with three!!!! :)


love from Vermont, said...

What a surprise! Congratulations and how right is Rebecca when she said three just triple the amazing times. How happy for you and your family.
Love, Aunt Mary Ann

ps..so so so glad that you are blogging again--your Mom said to Facebook your little movie about telling the girls--I'm not a Facebook-kind-of-person so when you find the 'feeling~good times' please blog all about your new baby and the girls here for us to enjoy!

Mom Mom said...

what a cute picture of "Angel #3"
Mom Mom loves you.
Mom Mom