Saturday, September 10, 2011

Polly...Our Very Hungry Caterpillar!!!

Sorry, for the lack of posts recently....we have been busy with the end of summer and all that a new school year brings! (more on that later!) For now, here is what the four of us have been SUPER excited about!  POLLY!!!  Polly is a Black Swallow Tail Butterfly Caterpillar that we found in our veggie garden on our carrot leaves! 

We were SO LUCKY to find Polly at the time we did!  After observing him on our Kitchen table for a bit and doing some quick internet research, we were thrilled to find out that he was in his Final stage as a caterpillar which meant, it wouldn't be long until he formed a chrysalis.  So, we made him a safe home in a glass jar!

And thankfully, we had PLENTY of carrot leaves from our garden to feed him fresh food every day!  (this is one of their main foods and why we found him!  He was attracted to our carrots!!) And just like the book by Eric Carle says, he indeed was a VERY HUNGRY caterpillar!!  He ate and ate and ate until all the leaves were GONE!!

The pictures above and below show Polly nibbling bit by bit at a leaf!!  He is absolutely GORGEOUS!!  MJ named him Polly based on his full scientific name!

Here are the yummy carrots that brought Polly to us!  He enjoyed the leaves, we enjoyed the carrots!  You bet I will plant them again next year!!!  I am happy to say that Polly has formed his Chrysalis and we have about 12 days left until he emerges as a butterfly!!  More pictures to come!!!

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