Thursday, August 04, 2011

My 30th Birthday Party!!

Matt threw me an AMAZING 30th Birthday Party!! He worked so hard to make every detail just right for me!! I LOVED every minute of the celebration and was so thankful to celebrate turning 30 with SO MANY of my family and friends!!

We had the party at my favorite restaurant, Washington Street Ale House. They have a banquet room upstairs that we used! There were about 40 of us there to hang out, play games, dance, eat the delicious food, and have fun!!

There was an adorable Candy Bar for our guests to create their own take home goody bags!!  Blue, Brown, and Green were the colors! Matt did not miss a beat and everything looked GREAT!!

My good friend, Karrie, made the cupcakes for us!!  They were beautiful and tasted even BETTER!!!  There were 3 different flavor combinations to choose from!  I usually always like chocolate the best....but the cupcake with GREEN icing was a lemon cupcake and it.was.DELICIOUS!!  Hands down, my favorite!! Karrie always does an amazing job on her cakes and such!!

The centerpieces were beautiful potted flowers that winners of the games could take home and plant.  They plant will come back every year!!!  The tag shows the design Matt used on the invite and such.  The tag says, "Melissa's 30th." Babe, thanks for all you did to make this celebration WONDERFUL!!

I know this is a silly shot of us....but I like how it shows that Matt and I can kick off our shoes and have a good time!!!!!!  If there is music and a dance floor around, the two of us will be on it, having a blast together!!  I hope 30 years from now, when I am 60, we are still getting down together on the dance floor!!!

Friends saying cheese!!  (See the flower centerpiece in this picture!!! They were LOVELY!)

God has blessed us with SO MANY GREAT friends!!  We are thankful for them ALL....near and far, old and new, ones we see alot and ones we see a few ; ) !!!!!!!!!!!!

I love how my parents know how to have a GOOD TIME!!!!!!!  Mom and Dad, we LOVE you!!!!

Family!!!  A wonderful blessing!!! 

The whole crew...minus a few who had to leave early!!!!!!!!!!!  A lovely night had by all, filled with LOVE and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a way to celebrate a NEW DECADE!!!!!!!!!

Here is the link to my invitation! Matt made me a website invitation!! Click here to see it!! Once you click on it, scroll down for the link to page 2 of the invite!

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