Friday, August 12, 2011

Birds, Shoes, Backyard Fun, Flowers, & a Carrot on a family Summer evening!

This adorable Mocking Bird has been hanging around our back yard!!

Matt surprised MJ one evening with these new SPARKLY shoes!!  She loves them and was thrilled that Daddy (all by himself as she said) bought them for her without Mommy!  She was on cloud 9!!!

The girls climb up and down this playhouse...up and down, up and down.....Thankfully, Madelin has mastered the ladder...I still get a bit nervous though ; )

These 2 girls, BLOW me AWAY!!  I LOVE them to pieces and am honored to be their MOM!!!  How did I get to be so blessed??!!!??

A shot of the sky on our lovely evening!

Looks like this guy is my last Tiger Lilly this year, so I wanted to get a picture of him!!  So glad they come back every year!!

And our FIRST Carrot from our garden!!  We were so excited to dig this guy up and eat him!!  Yes, we all shared him...Mom too!!  She was over the night we picked him!!  The carrot taste was SO fresh and SO strong!!  I can't wait to get some more!!

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Mom said...

And I am blessed to be their Mom Mom and your Mom. And Matt's Mother in law.
Love you guys,