Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We took a quick trip to Pittsburgh to visit Matt's Grandfather, who flew there from Vegas for surgery from the countries top surgeon for this particular procedure to remove his Esophagus Cancer.  Whew....a lot of info in one sentence ; ) We were thrilled to be able to visit him since he was only 5 hours away!! He is doing very well from the 9 hour surgery! 

Anyway, the trip was quick, simple, and filled with minimal activities so we could spend more time with Randy!

As you can see, the girls didn't mind the lack of activities at ALL!  They LOVED the hotel and the luggage cart was the BEST activity ever!!!

Our time with Randy was wonderful!  I can't believe he is 79!!  So active and sharp! 

The hotel had an indoor pool, which we managed to enjoy!  The girls were their new suits from Mom and Dad and MJ had a blast showing off her new swimming skills!!

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From Vermont, said...

I am so happy that Matt's Grandfather is doing so, he looks just wonderful!

Fun pictures of your girls....don't you just love it when children can find the excitement in every day things...oh, the joys of childhood. It's a beautiful thing!

Sending more healing thoughts to Randy and love to all,
Aunt Mary Ann