Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just because they don't stay little long....Post 2

Madelin with her dance friends!!

Ready to dance!

Our Brown-eyed Little Girl!!

She LOVES to put her hands on her hips while talking!  She is VERY animated and expressive!

For some reason, putting her hands around her neck, is a "cute" pose 
that Madelin came up with and does often!! 

I gotta have my "Mommy and daughter, backstage, self-portrait" shot!!! 
One with each of my daughters!!!

Madelin with Ms. Ashley, her ballet and tap teacher!!  We love Ms. Ashley!!

Lauren and Michaela!!  They have been dancing together since day 1!  Both started dancing at the same exact time and have always been in class together!!! These 2 will both be on the competition team together starting in the fall!!  Looking forward to all the fun that will bring!!

Our 2 Sweet Dancers!!!  We love you!!

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