Monday, June 27, 2011

Our 2 Tappers!!

June, for our family, is always filled with FUN and MOST of that Fun is due to RECITAL WEEK!!  This year was DOUBLE FUN for us, because BOTH our girls were dancing!  Michaela and Madelin were adorable backstage together....they were so happy for each other and you could tell they were very proud to be sisters, which made my heart just smile!!

Both of the girls' tap costumes were red and white! And they both enjoyed every minute of the work and fun that a recital brings!  (Oh, and so did I was backstage Mom for all 5 nights of rehearsals and the 1 show night!!...)

A few shots from Madelin's tap number! For being SO young, she did AMAZING!  She had absolutely NO fear going up on stage!  She was the line leader and did a great job marching out to her spot!  She is the youngest dancer Miss Val has ever taught!  (the other girls in her class were mostly 5, but it was their first year of dance, so this was the beginners class!)

I love how Madelin even made sure to have her arms in the right place!!

Madelin tapped to the song, "Sweet Pea, apple of my eye,..." It was very cute!

Michaela has Dancing Feet!!  Her tap routine was FAST and she kept up!  The main formation for the routine was a V shape and MJ was the point, front and center!!  She did AMAZING!  We are so proud of her and excited because she made the competition team for Miss Val next year!!

You could tell that Michaela has excelled as a dancer because her arms were always correct, she was smiling, and even able to look forward at the audience and not look at the teacher behind the curtain!!

I just love my girls!!! 

Michaela, Madelin and Amanda (MJ's classmate!) All the dancers ADORED Madelin and wanted to give her MANY hugs and kept saying how adorable she was because she was SO little!  That was great, because it gave Madelin extra confidence on this new recital venture and I was so proud of MJ's reaction to all of that...rather than get jealous, MJ just BEAMED with pride and said to her friends and others, "Yep, that is MY little sister!!" I couldn't have been prouder of both girls' loving attitude!

Brooklyn, Lilly, and Madelin! 

Madie's tap bow was HUGE!  I was leery about it, but it did look GREAT on stage!!

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Rebecca Leger said...

Madelin and Michaela look so pretty in their tap costumes! I love how their costumes were both red and how closely they matched each other. It must have been so exciting for you to watch BOTH of your daughters in this years recital! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of your girls.