Monday, June 27, 2011

Our 2 Beautiful Ballerinas!!!

Madelin's Ballet dance started with their feet in first position...she was so careful to make sure her feet were just perfect!

Doing an a-chape. (that is my spelling ; ) )

A Pirouette!

Michaela's ballet dance was full of a lot of movement and changes in formations!

MJ is the 5th one from the front!

Ending Pose!!! I love how precise MJ is with all her movements! 

MJ LOVED her ballet costume!  She wore it EVERY day for about a week after the recital was over!  Madelin and her would take turn doing their dances in our house with their costumes on! 

I love her adorable pose in this picture!!

Madelin and Samantha, an older dancer at the studio!  These 2 really connected.  Samantha's youngest sister, Holly, was in MJ's classes, so Sam and Madie were able to hang out in the waiting room while their sisters had class together.  Sam was GREAT with Madelin!

I love how Madelin is trying to do the same pose as her Big Sister!!  You girls did a GREAT job on stage!!

Madelin was THRILLED to receive her very first Recital medal!!

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