Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Weekend !

May Your weekend be filled with LOVE!

(Note: a piece of God's creative nature we brought home from a morning family walk! I adore the steel blue color! Also, the vase is from my cousin's wedding!  I always think of her when I use it! And the LOVE is from my Dear Aunt and Uncle in Vermont, given to us on our Wedding Day!)


Rebecca Leger said...

Oh my goodness! What a nice surprise to see one of the bud vases from my wedding. I am so happy to know that you and your children are enjoying it! You displayed it beautifully with the LOVE sign. I hope you and your family had a lovely weekend. My parents were up for the weekend for Grace's dance recital. It was so nice to see them. My Mom told me that she had a nice conversation with your Mom last week. We think of you all so often!!


love from us to you, said...

Oh my goodness, from me also, Melissa! I use our bud vase from Rebecca+Bob's wedding all the time. All Summer long, Uncle Walter picks me a flower along his way from work as he walks's very special and very romantic, even after all these years! And I put the flowers in that exact same bud vase as yours!

I remember when we saw that 'love' sign and I just knew it would be perfect for you and your new husband, Matt. It was really fun to see it again.

I did indeed have a wonderful talk with your Mom (Aunt Judy, too!) last week! As nice as it was though, it just made me miss all of you down there even more than usual :(

Hope you enjoyed a beautiful Father's Day yesterday.
A whole lot of LOVE to all,
Aunt Mary Ann