Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End of the School Year Program

Michaela, Bernice, Ava, and Kiera waiting for the program to begin!  Michaela really blossomed socially this year and had a lovely time making friends with the girls in her class!

Walking up to stage to sing for all the parents, grandparents, and such!! 

Even though this picture is a little blurry, I just LOVE MJ's smile here and her natural curls in her pony tail!!

Singing on stage!  They sang "Sally the Camel," "I Shall not be Moved," and recited Philippians 2:14!

Sitting up front watching the photo slide show that the Pre-school put together for all of us to enjoy! 

The Finale!  The kids were singing "Today is the Day!" or "Oh,Oh,Oh-o," as Madelin calls it!  This song is AWESOME and my girls sing it ALL the time!

MJ and Mommom after the program!!

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Mom said...

It was indeed a great program. Very uplifting. Reminded me of the good old days at NCBA. Michaela was the shining star.