Thursday, June 30, 2011

The "After-Party" Celebration

After the recital, Mom, Dad, Aunt Judy, Aunt Donna, Uncle Matthew, and Daddy were all waiting for the girls with smiles and "Job well done" gifts!

Such PROUD Grandparents!!!!

As per our tradition, Michaela received another Giraffe for her recital gift!  She was really looking forward to this gift...and couldn't wait to meet her new friend, Spotty! As you can see from the above picture, she was THRILLED!!

Michaela was curious to find out what Madelin's animal would be....after a lot of thinking, Matt and I decided that an Elephant was PERFECT for Madelin!  (Elephant's are Daddy's favorite animal, and my Mommom's favorite animal!)

Madelin was in love with her 1st recital Elephant, named Peanut!!!

Daddy is so PROUD of his 2 girls!!

Madelin, Miss Val, and Michaela!  Miss Val is the owner and Michaela's teacher!  She is AMAZING and we just love her!

When we got home, the girls were so excited to display their flowers from Mommom and Pappy!

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