Monday, May 30, 2011

Reading to Max

This past Thursday night, Mom and I took the girls to our local library for Michaela to participate in their "Read to Max" program!  Michaela signed up for this program a few weeks ago and has been SO excited to do read a book to Max, a therapy dog!  Michaela did a GREAT job reading a ballet book to Max, who just sat their and looked at her as she read each word!  After hearing MJ read, the librarian was shocked to find out that she was only in per-k!  Way to go, MJ!!  For reading to Max, Michaela received a pin with Max's picture and a brand new book to take home!!!  This is such a great program and we are looking forward to signing up again!

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Mom Mom said...

Michaela, you did such a great job reading to Max. He was a great listener too. I am glad that you love to is so much fun and will last you a lifetime. You made me proud, as you always do, to be your Mom Mom.
I love you,
Mom Mom