Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Memorial Day

We had a wonderful day!  Mandi came over this morning, so we could talk in person about her getting ENGAGED yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am SO VERY Happy for her and Joey!! Then, the family made a few errands...one of which was to go visit Daddy's office and see the new window decals 2 Fish added to their office front!  It looks GREAT! Then, we came back home....this is where my pictures fit in ; ) MJ really enjoyed reading and writing at her NEW (to us) school desk that we found at Goodwill this weekend!  We all LOVE it!  It looks adorable in our family room!

Madelin crashed for a late nap, which worked out great since we were going to Mommom and Pappy's house for a dinner picnic at 6:00pm!

The girls and I picked out a few more flowers to add to our Front living room flower garden.  The flowers above and below are first time flowers for us!  I LOVE the Orange this year and the spike shape above kept drawing my eye at the store, so they had to come home with me!!!  Plus, they like HOT heat and with it being 98 today, it was meant to be! Our flower gardens may not EVER be on the cover of a Home and Garden magazine, but one thing is for sure....we LOVE picking out our flowers, (which we all get to pick some out! and which can make for a crazy combo!)  and we LOVE watering our flowers EVERY day and to us it is perfect and we just enjoy it!!!

Our pea pods started from seeds!!!  They are doing great!

A family favorite...broccoli started from seeds too!! We have REALLY enjoyed watching this plant grow and change! It still needs to change a lot to look like the broccoli we are used to seeing!

Our Zucchini!!  These leaves are MASSIVE!

Tomatoes on one side and carrots (too tiny to see here), broccoli, and peas!!

And here is Daddy...enjoying the garden too!  He was thrilled today to buy this new hose attachment, which gives us several water flow options....on a day like today with the intense heat...the MIST feature was awesome to keep the leaves happy!

After this, we headed over to Moms' for a wonderful family picnic!  I had all intentions of taking pictures there, but got into super chill mode and forgot! 

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Roger and Kate Davis said...

Your garden looks great! This is going to be a fun summer!! And your flowers are beautiful!! ENJOY!