Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thoughts from a 3 Year Old

Well, before I head up to bed, I wanted to sit down a type out a few things that Madelin said today on her 3rd Birthday for me to remember and tell her later!

- She woke up today and we told her "Happy Birthday!" She said, "It's my birthday! I am 3!" I said, "I know, yesterday, you were 2 and now you are 3!!" She looked at me with a pondering face and then said this:

"Mommy, I know what happened. 3 took 2 to the bath tub and washed it away!"
How precious is that!!!

- Then, tonight when we got back home from dinner and cake at my parent's she said the following: (note: we opened a few presents)

"Thanks for telling my people, I love presents!"
I said, "You are welcome!"

What a sweet girl! 3 is going to be full of fun...Madelin, I can't wait to watch you as a 3 year old! I love you!!!!!

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Mom said...

Too cute.....she cracked me up opening her gifts. I think she had a great time.