Friday, March 11, 2011

"Big Girl" Bed!

Madelin is THRILLED to be in a "big girl bed." I kept putting off doing this, but after Madelin asked her Sunday School teacher the following: "I am not a baby! So, why am I in a baby bed?" I realized it was time to move her on to the next stage! Thankfully, this was an easy transition for us!

I love the last picture of her cuddling her Bear-Bear. These pictures are from the FIRST night in her Big Girl bed! Matt made the changes with her door closed, while I was giving the girls a bath. Little Bit was SO surprised and smiling ear to ear!


Rebecca Leger said...

Madelin is SO cute. Melissa, I know exactly what you mean about putting off the bed. We have one little boy here who is very much able to climb out of his crib but I have been delaying the crib to the big boy bed transition for some time now! Your post has inspired me to think some more about it! :)


P.S. I have been enjoying your Happy Weekend posts!

Mom Mom said...

I can't believe that Little Bit is not so little anymore. She is really a little girl now. Too cute.
Mom Mom

Unknown said...

ahhhhhh! where is the time going?! remember the day we announced at MOPS that we were both pregnant?