Thursday, March 24, 2011

Around the house

One afternoon last week, I quietly went around and snapped a few pictures of the girls just being girls on a typical day! I love how they usually flow very nicely and organically between playing together and playing alone!

Reading a book with her Gymboree name tag still on from that morning (it must have been a Wednesday!) and her bare legs...she takes all socks, shoes, pants, and tights off as soon as we get back home!

I love this picture of Michaela! I usually open the front door to let in the sun in the afternoon...and notice, I move one of my plants to get some sun. Well, Michaela thought it would be great to take a rest in the warm sun! Oh, how I love days like this...simple and just enjoying our home and each other!

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Mom Mom said...

Cute pictures, I love how Michaela's eyes match her outfit. And how Madelin takes her clothes off...such a free spirit.
Mom Mom