Monday, February 07, 2011

Superbowl Party

2 Fish Group hosted the Senior High Youth Group Super Bowl Party! Matt and Dusty have both volunteered in Brandywine's youthgroup for years!! They were thrilled to offer their "new" office space as the perfect spot for the teens to watch the game! The girls had a blast too! They always enjoy hanging out at Daddy's office!

Some of the kids were very interested in what 2 Fish does ; ) They didn't sit there listening to Matt the whole time! The office has 2 BIG rooms! The office side shown here and the FUN side! For some reason, I only took these 3 pictures...oh well! The other side is where all the other 25 teens were. The other side has a huge wall mounted TV, seating, mini-kitchen, and a game area! The teens really enjoyed hanging out at 2 Fish!


Mom said...

You can tell that Michaela has been trained well in loving cars by the look on her face. She is beaming. Or maybe it is because a handsome guy is taking her for a ride. Madelin looks happy too. I am glad everyone had fun.

greeting from Vermont, said...

I loved reading about the new office. Those amazing smiles are as cute as cute can be. It sounds like such a fun time. Missing everyone. Hug Madelin and Michaela for us from up here in snowy Vermont.
Love, Aunt Mary Ann

Grnadma Hamerdinger said...

I'll bet the girls were good little cheerleaders for the game.