Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Love

The girls' finished Valentine's hanging on our mirror waiting to be passed out with Love!

Just for me to remember: From left to right, who painted what: Madelin, MJ, MJ, Madelin (painted a heart...GREAT job, Madelin!), MJ, and Madelin! They had a great time painting these and I adored all the glitter, pinks, reds, and whites! (If you look closely in the above photos, you can see the artists themselves ; ) )

Mommom and Pappy stop by for a quick exchange of LOVE before their Valentine's dinner! Books, new stuffed doggies, and a lollipop...just perfect for my girls! Thanks, Mom and Dad! We have been reading these books all week! What a treat! P.S (the dogs names are Sally!)

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Mom Mom said...

I love seeing the girls in the mirror....too cute. They are so sweet, like their Mommy.
Mom Mom