Sunday, February 20, 2011

Megan + Nick = Love!

Saturday morning, Megan and Nick came in from Nashville for their Bridal Shower! The Delaware bridesmaids, Faith, Mandi, Beth and I, hosted her Bridal Shower at the Wilmington Riverfront Marketplace! We had a lovely Brunch for about 65 of Megan's friends and family! It was a lovely time.

2 Amazing Mothers---Mandi's Mom and my Mom!

The Bountiful Gifts!

A Shot of the entire room...this space was perfect!

Our lovely handmade hanging yellow flowers! Faith and Mandi, we did a darn good job on these and had a ton of fun making them together ; )

The Soon to be Groom and Bride::so perfect for each other!

Opening Lots of Gifts!

Me, Nyla (Faith's daughter), Megan, Mandi, and Faith!

I look at these 3 friends of mine and am blessed to recall SO MANY WONDERFUL memories dating back to Elementary school together! We have laughed together and cried together! Shared times of celebration and times of great loss. Our lives have taken each of us to different places at times, but no matter what, our bond of friendship remains, and for that, I am so THANKFUL! I truly love each of you ladies and am Honored to be your friend!

Megan, I can't wait to stand beside you in April...Thanks!

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Unknown said...

I am super excited to have you to be standing by my side on this day :) And I am so thankful for the friendship we have! And you guys did an amazing job, seriously, this shower was just great... every detail about it was so special. We LOVED everything! Nick and I had so much fun! See you soon! We can't wait :)
Love ya,