Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fresh Air!

We took a short walk this afternoon to get some FRESH AIR! The girls were THRILLED to take their babies for a walk...(I was TOO:: it's just that my "babies" are not babies anymore! at least not age wise on paper, but in my heart, they will always be my Baby Girls!!)

The Fresh Air was wonderful. After the walk, we went out back to swing for a bit! Can't wait for Spring to arrive!!


Mom said...

Looks like all the girls were having fun. Glad they were able to get outside. Even the "Emilys". You are right, they are not babies any more but will always be your babies. Just like you are mine.
I love you,

Grandma Hamerdinger said...

My how the girls are growing! Summer will soon be here. Have you planned a vacation yet? Might be that Kim and family will be in the States for a month or so.
Are the girls ready for a new cousin? Should be soon.
Love Grandma Hamerdinger