Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's Hanging on our Line!!

The girls have really been into painting...maybe because of the weather and being stuck inside a lot. I love observing their creativity!! Both of them LOVE to use color...oh, and glitter too!

The other thing on our line is a reading chart I made for Madelin. She LOVES it. It is very interactive and I am able to ask her to do a variety of activities with the movable cards in it for her to start really reading! She has her letters and sounds down and after using this chart for a week, she has her "-at" words down!! She even picks them out from books during reading time! So, this weekend, I need to make a new set of words for her to start working on.

Above are 2 of Madelin's pictures: A Dinosaur (that is what she told me she was painting) and a rainbow. Michaela paints rainbows ALL THE TIME...this was Madelin's first time creating her own! I think she did pretty well!

And here is a shot of Michaela's most recent painting...a Glittery Rainbow! Michaela always paints a wonderful rainbow!!

Girlies, always be yourself and uncover the unique plan God has for each of you!!

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