Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Snow Day

This morning, we woke up to Snow! This is our 2nd Wednesday in January that gave us a SNOW DAY!!

So, here are a few shots from our day today...We played ALL kinds of Bingo games...color and shapes, alphabet, vowel, and letter sound Bingo!

After Bingo, we enjoyed some music together...Madelin sang us some made up songs on Michaela's guitar. We played music Cd's and sang and danced to them.

Now, it was time to sit down, cuddle up and read together. I can't even count all the books we read....some days my throat is sore from all the reading. Thankfully, MJ can help out and read to Madelin and me!!

After reading, we headed up to the kitchen for a snack and some Bird Watching, which is what the girls are doing below!

The birds today were such a DELIGHT...we saw MANY kinds of birds and they just kept coming and coming to our feeder!

When we were done with Bird Watching, the girls sat down to play several other games together! Here they are setting up Hi-Ho Cherry-O. (Madelin's favorite). They also played Guess Who and Monopoly Jr!

Mommy kept sneaking back to the window to take a peek at the Birds! It was like a never ending gift...every time I looked out, there was a new bird waiting for me to observe it!!

What a lovely day!!

(P.S....other things that we managed to accomplish today....Bed sheets washed, dried, and put back on, vacuumed all rooms, made homemade vegetable barley soup, nap for Madelin, quiet time for MJ in her room, reading time for me, girls rooms thoroughly cleaned, puzzle time, and a tad bit of flashcard games)

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Mandi said...

Wow...way to be productive!! Fun day!! :)