Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Michaela's Christmas Program

One thing I love about MJ's pre-school is their programs! They always do a lovely job and it is a treat for all the families to come out and watch the kids! This year, we had awesome seats...(front row), thanks to Matt, who got their early for his crazy wife ; ) I love the above shot of our girls! They are in their Christmas dresses and so happy! Madelin wanted to dress up too, even though she was just watching, since she isn't in pre-school yet! She was SO PROUD to watch and clap for Michaela!

Here is Michaela's class singing their song, "Deck the Halls!" Michaela was adorable. She kept putting her hair behind her this photo shows...I think because she was a little was adorable!

After each class sang, they all came back in costume for the Nativity scene. Michaela's class was all shepherds!

Below is a shot of Natalie, MJ, and Ava posing after the concert! 3 beautiful girls!


Unknown said...

OK, so I am totally stealing that last shot! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom Mom said...

Michaela, you are the prettiest little sheppard I have ever seen and I love the read sparkly shoes too.
I love you,
Mom Mom