Monday, November 22, 2010

Photos about Fun, Family, and Fences!!!

After church on Sunday and a yummy leftover relaxed lunch, Matt decided to tackle fixing our, while the girls were enjoying the FUN in the backyard......

Dad, Matt, and Matthew were working hard to fix a part of our fence that unattached to the post because of the sideways growth of a CRAZY tree!

They cut down the sideways limb, and put the fence back together!!! It sounds easy and was easy to type about...but they were out there for a while ; ) Thanks, guys for your hard work!!

Matthew tamed the crazy cut down branches for us!!

And here are a few more shots of the girls enjoying their backyard!! They did not want to come in!! I love how Madelin is kissing her Bear-Bear in this last photo!

We had a WONDERFUL day, filled with Fun, our family, and a fence! (PS: Mom joined all of us too, once she was finished shopping!!) I love family days like this...working together with the ones you love!!!

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Unknown said...

These are great pictures!