Monday, November 15, 2010

Matt's Beautiful Mom

I found this picture of Matt's Mom, Ronda! She was a BEAUTIFUL lady, inside and out! I am looking forward to meeting her in Heaven one day! I know Matt has MANY of the same qualities that his Mom had and I am SO thankful for all the work she put into raising him!

Today is Ronda's birthday....we are thinking of her, sharing who she was with our girls through stories and photos, and loving her and the legacy she left for her kids and their kids and so on!!


what a special memory today, said...

Oh, Melissa, this post is just the sweetest and full of touching emotions. Ronda is a beautiful woman and it was God's will that you found and married her amazing son.

Ronda is looking down today and everyday upon her family and sending you all of her best love. These words of yours are a gift to her in heaven. Ronda is thanking you and I am, also.
Love to All of You and especially Matt as you celebrate the Birthday of an incredible Mom,
Aunt Mary Ann

beeozz said...

Yes thanks for giving us compassion for others around us. I remember we would always take an extra sack of lunch to someone who would ask us for money in San Francisco. She was a fun lady with a big heart. It was an unfortunate that she is not with us even today. I love you mom.

The Stafford Crew said...

Even though I can't see her, I hear her laugh... Even though I can't touch her, I still see her shaping my life.. She was the greatest.... The Lord's reasons are beyond my understanding, but I trust His will over my own... So much has come of her life and death... So much has happened becuase of the life she lived... I am forever changed, and will continue to look forward to her smile as she welcomes me into the glorious gates of heaven... For I know, she is walking with my Savior! I love you, Mom!

rebecca said...

I am sure all the beautiful qualities that Matt's Mom had shines through brightly in her children. She must be looking down and beaming with pride.