Friday, November 26, 2010

Being Thankful!

Even though Thursday is gone, we are STILL CELEBRATING! We are enjoying the MANY BLESSINGS that God has given us!

Thanksgiving morning, the 4 of us had a GREAT time painting together! It was precious family time around the table doing something fun! Plus, we took it all to Mommom and Pappy's house for dinner to decorate the table ; )

These verses have been on my heart recently, even before this season of Thanksgiving! Peace.Thankful hearts.Focusing on God's Word.And ALWAYS being Thankful to God! Such Truth and Beauty in these Holy Words!

Our Thankful Tree! The girls had a BLAST writing what they were thankful for and hanging it on the tree! This is something we will do every year! In case you can't see what they wrote:

Madelin said: (and Mommy wrote)
God:My baby doll, Emily:Mommom and Pappy:God hears me:

Michaela wrote:
Everyone being different:My friends:Mommom and Pappy:Our house:My school:

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving!
(all these pictures were taken on Thanksgiving Day!)

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Such a great idea!!!!