Saturday, October 30, 2010

Supporting our Friends!

Last Saturday, we, along with 280 other people, walked a 5K to support the Joy-Hope Foundation.

It was so awesome walking along side our friends and family to support dear friends of ours who have lost 2 of their 5 children to a Mitochondrial Disease. Here is their family blog:

Thanks, Mom and Dad for walking. And Thanks to Faith, Mandi, and Joey, for walking as well. You guys are awesome friends that were willing to support this cause, even though you do not know the family personally, but simply because I asked you to join Matt and I in helping this Foundation raise money to help other families navigate through the healing process of losing a newborn baby to this disease! You guys are a blessing!

(P.S. I should note that Joey and Faith RAN the 5K!! Way to go, you two! Oh, and Joey took 3rd place in his age bracket! )

(P.S. I should also note that Mom is behind Dad in the second photo! She did a GREAT job!)

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G.G. Hamerdinger said...

How blessed we are to have happy and healthy children. Thank you Lord for Our Blessings