Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Special Birthday Outing

After our fun morning at pre-school, we picked up Daddy from work and decided to take the girls to a local Bead shop to let MJ design and string her very own Necklace! The girls LOVED this activity and I can't wait to take them again! They walked into the store and by the looks on their faces, you would've thought they had just walked into Disney World! They didn't know what to look at first. ALL the SPARKLES, SHAPES, and COLORS just captivated them. After browsing the ENTIRE store, MJ finally decided on the perfect beads for her necklace. She chose BEAUTIFUL beads and made a stunning necklace!

Happy Birthday, MJ! You are the Real GEM!! We love you!

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Mom Mom said...

Beautiful necklace Michaela. You did a wonderful job. I love you,
Mom Mom