Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ramsey Farm Field Trip

Last Wednesday, Michaela's preschool class went to Ramsey Farm for a Fall Field Trip. Above is Michaela, Ava, and Natalia lining up to go get on the Bus!

After the Hay ride, they were dropped off in a Pumpkin Patch and told to go pick out a pumpkin to take home! Here is MJ with some of her friends, searching for the perfect pumpkin!

It didn't take her long to find it!

Natalie and Michaela!!

Michaela's class poses on the hay for a class picture!

Michaela, Bernice, Kira, and Natalie....they had a great time going through the Corn Maze!


G.G.Hamerdinger said...

Friends are Forever. How in the world do you both keep up with those 2 little girls.

Mom Mom said...

Michaela, you are the prettiest "pumpkin" there.
I love you,
Mom Mom