Saturday, October 30, 2010

Harvest Parade at Pre-school!

For Michaela's Pre-school Harvest Party and Parade, MJ decided she wanted to wear her Spanish Flamenco Dress!! This is a special dress because Uncle Matthew brought it back from SPAIN for MJ!!!! Thanks, Uncle Matthew! We love you!!

The parade is a BIG deal at her pre-school. The classes walked on the sidewalk in front of her school, while the parents, siblings, and friends were lined up to watch the Costume Parade! It is so fun and all the kids looked ADORABLE in their costumes!!

After the parade, we all headed back to the classroom for a PARTY! Madelin was THRILLED when Mrs. K, asked her if she wanted to join Michaela and her friends at the table for a snack! Madelin lit up, as you can tell from the photo below!! Madelin ADORES her BIG SISTER!

Madelin fit right in! She can't wait to go here next year!!!

And here is a shot of MJ's teachers! Mrs. K, as Minnie and Mrs. Barlow, as a Dalmatian! These 2 ladies are WONDERFUL!!! Thank you for all you do for your students! We are so happy with you both as our daughter's teacher!


Mom Mom said...

What a beautiful Spanish princess you make Michaela. You look so pretty in this dress. OLE'
I love you mucho,
Mom Mom

G. G Hamerdinger said...

Michaela, you are the prettiest girl there. Love you

love from Aunt Mary Ann, said...

Just love the girls in these photos!
Sending you all down a Happy Halloween and a Happy November!

Roger and Kate Davis said...

Michaelas dress is BEAUTIFUL!!!