Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Celebrating MJ's 5th Birthday at Pre-school!

On Michaela's actual birthday, we took Rice Krispy Treats in for her birthday treat. It was so awesome watching her interact with her classmates. The above picture is of Michaela just smiling ear to ear while her class sang Happy Birthday to her!

Here are her classmates! This is a great group of kids and Michaela is having a BLAST with them this year!

Me and My 5 year old!!! (that sounds so weird to me!)

An EXTRA SUPER BONUS on MJ's birthday was that Mommom and Pappy had a surprise NO school day, due to too much rain and a flooded Bus lot! So, we were THRILLED to have them come along to pre-school with us and enjoy the morning Birthday fun!

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Mom Mom said...

I just love Michaela's preschool. Her teachers are great and so is the curriculum.
We had fun visiting.
Love my girls.
Mom Mom