Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Littliest Dancer

I can't believe our "Little Bit" is a dancer now!!! She started taking Ballet and Tap this year at the same dance studio as Michaela! Madelin couldn't wait to start dance!!! Every time we drove by the studio, she would say, "Mommy, that is where Michaela takes dance," and I would say, "Yes, it is," and she would respond, "Can I take dance too??!!!" So, here we are. Madelin goes on Wednesdays and Michaela on Mondays! The girls are thrilled to both be dancers.

These pictures are all from Madelin's VERY FIRST DANCE CLASS!! (the first week of September!)

I LOVE her TINY BUN! If you want to be a Ballerina, then you need to wear your hair like Ms. Valerie requests ; )

Daddy and Madelin! Matt is an AWESOME Dad for daughters!! He truly loves having girls!!

Last picture before we get in the van!!

Walking into Dance class, holding Mommom's hand!

Here is Michaela! I loved how EXCITED she was for her little sister! She is a great big sister and celebrated along with Madelin!

Waiting in the lobby to go in!

Mommy putting Madelin's ballet shoes on just right!

Madelin, we are SO PROUD of you and LOVE to watch you Dance! WE can't wait to see you grow as a dancer. You truly shine with glee every time you dance and we love it! Enjoy your first year of dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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She is just toooooo cute!!!!!!!!!