Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Quick Escape to NYC!

Well, I totally escaped last night and took the BEST Mini-Dinner Excursion Get Away with Friends EVER!!! Mandi picked me up at 3:00pm and we took off for NYC! We were planning to meet Megan there for dinner. Megan was in NYC for a business trip, and since she GOT ENGAGED over the weekend, Mandi and I had to CELEBRATE with her!! So, off we went with Mandi's Tom-Tom as our guide...what else could we need right? ; ) Good thing we didn't put any thought ahead of time into DRIVING across the ENTIRE spread of New York, New York...because it.was.INSANE and we might have re-considered our excursion. But, since we went into this trip with eyes half shut, ready to let nothing stop us from a good time, it didn't even bother us. So, this first picture is what we saw in front of our car EVERY TIME we had to drive through an intersection...even when we had a GREEN light!!! People!!!!!!!!!!!Everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if that wasn't enough.......

This was the view out our side window (note: both pictures were taken AT THE SAME TIME). Yep, couldn't go an inch forward because of all the people, and with us in the middle of the intersection and the lights changing, cars started heading our way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This happened basically at every intersection. New York AMAZES me!!! Mandi was a PRO driver and let all this, plus the HONKS, plus the CRAZY GPS lady who kept screwing up, roll right off her back!!

Thankfully, we finally made it to Megan's hotel...right next to Grand Central Station. We parked, took the Subway, and headed to this AWESOME restaurant for dinner!!! We ate at The Smith. It was delicious. I had Goat Cheese Ravioli's with Pesto Sauce. DELICIOUS! Plus they had bottles of Sparkling Water on the tables for us to drink...LOVED this!!! Then for dessert, we all had Ice cream!!! I had an Espresso Ice Cream delight!! Just PERFECT!! While the food was great, the conversation was even BETTER!! We heard EVERY DETAIL from Megan about her proposal!! Thanks, Meg for sharing...I LOVED hearing it all. Megan and Nick, I am SO HAPPY for you guys!!

After dinner, we Subwayed ourselves back to the garage. (yes, I made up this word "subwayed," and I think it works quite well!) We took this quick picture and said our Goodbyes!!

Driving home was MUCH easier!! Traffic was less and Tom-tom lady didn't mess anything up! We passed the MACY'S on our way back to the Lincoln Tunnel!! Mandi and I went shopping there together on our 8th grade field trip! We were remembering the outfits each of us picked out on that trip to buy at Macy's! Both of our parents bought an outfit for us and we thought that WAS SO COOL!!!

It was SO NICE having a few hours up and back in the car with MANDI for us to talk uninterrupted. Honestly, the time FLEW by as we talked and we could have conversed for longer....but that is not new. No matter how long we get to hang out, it is NEVER enough time to hang with my BFF. But I am thankful for it all and always blessed by it! I love you!

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Mandi said...

I love you too girl!! It was an experience, but I definitely had a BLAST!! Couldn't have made the trip without you!! I agree, the time we spend together is never enough!! :) So glad we got to see Megan and hear about her awesome proposal!!