Sunday, August 15, 2010

Philadelphia Zoo

Mom, Dad, the girls, and I enjoyed a LOVELY day at the Philadelphia Zoo 2 weeks ago. This year, the Zoo has a LEGO was awesome to see the animal statutes made out of legos. Michaela kept wondering would take to build one of those! The Polar Bear Lego exhibit is behind them in the above picture!

Do you know what this animal is???????????

Honestly, I did not, and thought that this was the STRANGEST looking thing! Well, it is actually related to the the sign below:

We were SO LUCKY to be at the Zoo on the VERY FIRST DAY that the NEWEST Giraffe Baby made it's first public appearance. The baby was born 3 weeks ago and the zoo let the Mommy (pictured above) and the baby venture out on their own time and comfort. Well, we saw it and I was THRILLED!!! The baby was 3 weeks old and just BEAUTIFUL!!

Isn't she adorable! And she walked so gracefully!!!

I love seeing the size difference in the Mommy and Baby in the picture above!!

We had a lovely day and can't wait to take Matt there!!!

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Mom Mom said...

Love the pictures, that was such a nice day at the zoo. Loved loved loved the baby giraffe. way too cute. We should go again.
Mom Mom