Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Heart Overfloweth....

With LOVE for these 2 Girls!

I love to turn the camera around and take a picture of myself with people. My Mom says I get that from my Poppop ; ) Well, it is REALLY hard to do with the larger camera that I now use. But, as you can tell, it doesn't stop me...the results are just a little different ; ) I still love the pictures though. Since it was just the 3 of us here, I wanted to get our picture together.


Aunt Mary Ann up in Vermont said...

Oh, yes, Melissa, it's true...I so remember your PopPop taking his picture all-the-time! I would laugh with him whenever I saw this. He always had his great big smile on when he did this with a camera. We have some pictures of your PopPop that he took of himself and they are so precious!

Just as these photos are of you and your two beautiful girls. I love all the girl-energy and happy faces!
Love to all of you.

Mom said...

I love the eyes of everyone in these pictures. I will remember this as the day we registered two little girls for ballet. I love all three of you.
Mom aka Mom Mom