Monday, August 30, 2010


Madelin likes to do things HERSELF! Even if it takes an hour, or even if it means it isn't done perfectly correct. Doing it by herself is Way.More.Important. Who cares if her flip-flops are on the wrong feet and even through the wrong toes ; ) She did it herself!!!! And just look below at her beaming with ACCOMPLISHMENT and CONFIDENCE!!!


Here are some things Madelin is doing now:

-knows all her letters upper and lowercase
-knows the sound that each letter makes
-counts to 20 (and with a little guidance with 30 next, then 40, she can go to 50!)
-can identify numbers 1-8! (we are working on her mastering the others!)
-she "reads" many books by heart. Her favorite is "The Napping House."
-Jasmine is her favorite princess.
-"S" is her favorite letter!!! She wants me to put it on her name tag at Gymboree ; ) even though it is not in her name!
-3 is her favorite number
-DANCE RECITAL is her FAVORITE thing to do! She is always asking for music to be put on for her to twirl, go on her tip-toes, and such. Tu-tu's are requested DAILY to be worn.
-COLORS - (she knows them all) and LOVES to wear colorful clothes, stripes, rainbows, etc. The more colors the BETTER for her!
-She knows that she has Brown eyes, like "Mommom and Daddy, and Mommy and Michaela have blue eyes," as she says.
-She loves to draw BIG circles on her papers.
-Bear-Bear is still her lovey!
-Mommy and Baby is a favorite game to play with her dolls and sister.
-She LOVES to smell my Coffee every morning!!
(-SHE IS GROWING UP WAY.TOO.FAST!!! I am tearing up as I write this, because my baby is 2!!!!)
-She LOVES to cuddle!!
-Mommom and Pappy are SUPER SPECIAL to her!!
-Daily things she says: "Once upon a time...." to introduce her explaining something that happened in the past. "I miss you SOOOO MUCH," if one of us gets home late after she is in bed, so she sees us the next morning! This is WAY CUTE!! She truly has a Sensitive and loving heart. "Rude," unfortunately is one of her words she uses if someone is acting how she wants...lovely I know, but TRUE! I am trying to get her to stop this.
-Tea Parties in her room with MJ and the borrowed tea table from Jenna we have is a favorite! (Thanks, Jenna!!)

Madelin, we are SO proud of you and think you are absolutely WONDERFUL!!! We love you!

I could go on and on and on...and might add more to this list as things come to my mind! But for now, I am going back to enjoy both of my precious girls!!!


Unknown said...

She is doing SO MUCH! Keep up the good work Madelin! And mommy for logging it all, btw you are becoming quite the prolific blogger! So many good posts...I need to catch up my blog! Thanks for the inspiration. =)

Aunt Mary Ann, said...

That top photo of Madelin's toes in those flip flops says it all! Just love it! She is so cute, cute, cute with her red hair and her vibrant personality!
Love to all !

Samantha said...

So sweet! I loved reading this!

Mom Mom said...

Madelin is so independent....such a little fire cracker.
I love you Madelin
Mom Mom

G.G. Hamerdinger said...

Madelin is a red head, and every one I know is very strong willed.
She is loved.