Monday, August 02, 2010

Enjoying our "Garden"

These are shots of us ENJOYING our FIRST Ripe Tomato from our "Garden." (I typed the quotation marks around it because it only consists of 1 tomato plant... ; ) I wanted the girls to have fun planting it and watering it, but decided to start small with the garden so I could make sure to maintain it and have was a SUCCESS. We LOVED it and can't wait to have MANY more plants next year!!

Our tomatoes, 8 and counting, are DELICIOUS!! We just wash them, cut them up and eat them plain...YUMM-O!

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grandma said...

Ofcourse Matt you have gardening in your genes. Your Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother were farmers. I remember how much fun it was to go with Dad to the watermelon patch. He would thump the melons,choose one and then all 6 kids would dive in.