Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beach + Friends = Summer Fun!

A few Friday's back, we went to Ocean City, MD with our GOOD friends, Dan and Cris, and Destiny! Between the 3 families, we had 5 girls, 4 and under!!! It was SO.MUCH.FUN!! We dug MANY, LARGE holes in the sand to keep them occupied and contained for a while ; )

Dan and Matt did things like this to the girls!!

But, no worries, because EVERYONE enjoyed the fun in the sand!!!

Sandcastle's were built, waves were jumped, and after all the beach fun, we hit the rides on the boardwalk!

Madelin and Stephanie on the carousel!!

Madelin and MJ asked to play this "Toss a Ball" game for a prize. They got a BUCKET full of balls and had a blast taking turns tossing the balls in the center.

SCORE!!! Both girls got a PRIZE!!! They were thrilled!

Dan and Destiny decided to ride this CRAZY ride that FLUNG you into the air! It was called the Sling Shot, I think. Anyway, the CRAZIEST thing happened...while they were zooming up and up and up, they heard a plunk and felt a thud...a poor seagull got into the path of the sling shot and didn't make it. It landed right next to where we were all standing as we were watching them on the ride! HOW CRAZY!!! Sorry, if the picture is a little the time it was quite crazy, funny!

After all the beach fun, we headed to eat dinner at a Carraba's! It was GREAT! They gave the girls pizza dough to play with!!!

This was our last celebration with ALL of us together before Destiny and her daughter, Autymn moved to England!! We will MISS them SO MUCH, but are VERY thankful that God brought them into our lives these last 2 1/2 years!!!

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