Monday, August 16, 2010

Adventure Night!!!

This past Saturday, we had Adventure Night with my Childhood friends! We had a WONDERFUL, relaxing evening with the gang. Matt and Wendy hosted a lovely cookout for all of us. We had great food, good talks, and the kids played very nicely together. Above, is a picture of Mason (Casey and Dave's 1 year old) and Madelin riding in the car together. They were hilarious with this car. Madelin would open the door, take Mason out of the driver seat, walk him to the back for him to sit there, then get in the driver's seat and pull them both. Then, to show off her sharing skills, she would get out, walk around back, lead Mason to the drivers seat, then sit in the back and push them along, since Mason was a little to young to do the moving! It was GREAT watching them figure out how to engage and cooperate with each other!

We got a shot of all the kids (that were there this evening) together. Michaela was THRILLED to be responsible enough to "hold" both Addison (Matt and Wendy's) and Katelynne (Nick and Kristen's) for the picture. Mason kept trying to escape, but we got a shot with him in the picture thankfully!!! The Adventure Night kids keep MULTIPLYING!!!

Who knows how many kids will be in a picture like this in a year or two??!!! We are grateful to stay connected with these families and always have a good time with everyone!

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