Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Get Away! (With-out the girls!)

Mom and Dad took our girls to Mississippi for 2 family, Matt and I decided to use this opportunity to get away...just him and I! We kept the get away simple, laid back, and VERY FUN!! I will say, while we had a GREAT time and it was SO NICE to focus on us...we both really missed our daughters! But, no kidding anyone, they were with Mommom and Pappy and thought that we were the ones missing all the fun, as they told Mommom and Pappy ; ) How sweet of them!

We spent a few nights camping outside Atlantic City, NJ. Camping without the girls was MUCH MORE RELAXING!! We had a lot of time to spot birds and this butterfly pictured below. The top picture is of Matt and I in the tent!

We also enjoyed sitting around the campfire, talking and eating SMORES!!

Atlantic City was fun, too!! We walked the beach, browsed an Art gallery, window shopped at the very upscale stores, enjoyed delicious foods, gambled on FREE casino money...(Thanks, Bally's!), and got a TON of exercise in by walking up and down the board walk!!

After camping, we decided to pamper ourselves for a night at the Ship Watch Inn Bed and Breakfast, located in Chesapeake City, MD. This B & B is right on the water and just LOVELY! Plus, it is only 35 minutes from our house!!! I hope to go back often!

Our suite was GORGEOUS! We had a balcony if a front row view of the water!

We enjoyed the hot tub here, the quaint town shops, and playing Dominoes on the balcony...Poor Matt, NEVER (well, I guess RARELY is a better word) wins when we play this game!! He is a good sport though!

All in all, it was a great time! Thanks Mom and Dad for taking the girls! I will post pictures from Dad's camera of their time in Mississippi!

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grandma said...

You two deserve to have a get away, once in a while. Looks like you were having fun.