Sunday, July 04, 2010

Michaela's 2nd Recital::Tap

During Intermission, Danielle, Michaela's friend from birth came back to wish MJ and Autymn luck and let them know that she was enjoying the show. Thanks for coming Danielle...we love you!!

It.was.H.O.T. backstage! We tried to stay cool, so I didn't put MJ in her costume until I absolutely had to!! Thankfully, Cydni (my Flower Girl) is an older dancer at this dance school, so she came to our room to help me get MJ ready for her tap number! I love this picture of Cyd helping MJ with her gloves...because it brings to mind a similar picture taken 8 years ago (well, okay, a few weeks short of 8) of me as a bride helping my "little" flower girl!!! Cydni, we LOVE you!

All lined up and ready to Tap away!!!

We walked CAREFULLY down the hall to the stage entrance...the floor was VERY slippery in tap shoes!

Love.Love.Love this shot of Michaela and Autymn! Autymn and her Mom will be moving away from DE this August!!!!! We will miss them SO MUCH, but we are VERY thankful to have shared a few years together!!!

"No more pictures, Mommy, I am about to go on stage!!!"

Michaela, you did GREAT!!

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