Sunday, July 04, 2010

Michaela's 2nd Recital::Ballet

Recital Week is something that both MJ and I look forward to. We (me as a Backstage Mom and MJ dancing) have practice every night the week before! It is tiring, but OH SO FUN!! Michaela's ballet costume this year was STUNNING! I absolutely LOVED how the Tu-tu stuck straight out like the Sugar Plum Fairy's does in the Nutcracker!

Michaela knew her dance routine very well and did an excellent job. She was beaming on stage as she performed! She is 3rd from the left and 2nd from the left in these two photos above! MJ, we are so proud of you and LOVE watching you engage in something that you enjoy!

Here we are waiting back stage for the Show to start! All the shots below are of MJ and her friends hanging out getting ready to go on stage and perform the Ballet routine!

Michaela and Lauren::Dancing friends from the beginning. Lauren and Michaela met last year with the start of their first dance year. They were the youngest in the class and often stood by each other in the line up.

Autymn, Lauren, and MJ....again, all 3 began dancing at the same time! These 3 were circle partners in the ballet routine. They did such beautiful chasses!

Michaela and Natalie!!

Sitting lined up in the hallway waiting to open the show with leaps and jumps!

MJ::you are a beautiful dancer. You did a great job and most importantly, had a BLAST doing it! Way to go! We are very proud of you and love you!!

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The Stafford Crew said...

She is the most beautiful ballerina I have ever seen!! Bummed that I missed her performance, maybe she can show us some of her moves on Skype... Miss you all!!!